IRS Difficulties

I can talk to the IRS so you won't have to. If you have been served a notice that your return is under examination you need a qualified professional to help you.

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Behind on your taxes

I can help you file your back returns. Many times I can limit the back returns you need to file to 6 or less. I can help you set up a payment plan. Many times penalties can be removed for reasonable cause.

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Income tax return preparation

I file taxes returns for individuals and businesses. If your taxes are more complex or if are you are tired of doing it yourself, I can help you.

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Setting up business organizations

I can help you determine which organization is right for your business. There is no one size fits all. Your personal situation and financial situation are unique to you.

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You are not just a number to me. My business is open year-round, not just during tax time.

I keep copies of my clients tax information and their income tax returns for at least the last 3 years. If you need copies of your returns for applying for mortgages or for another reason I can email you a copy that is password protected. If you have lost your QuickBooks data file I can give you the copy I used to prepare your income tax return. I will explain your taxes to you in terms that you can understand rather than using unfamiliar tax jargon. Call to set up a free consultation.

"Fritz" Fred B. Vogt, Jr.
Certified Public Accountant
Tel: (512)231-0252