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I Can Help With Taxes & The IRS


I can help you file your back returns. Many times I can limit the back returns you need to file to 6 years or less. I can help you set up a payment plan. Many times penalties can be removed for a reasonable cause. Lost records can be found.

After signing Tax Information Authorization I can log on to the IRS computer system and retrieve information for wages, interest, dividends, stock sales, student loan interest, contract labor, unemployment benefits and state income tax refunds. I can help you find which returns have shown up on the IRS system as being filed or not.


 If your return is being audited and you don't want to deal with the IRS directly then you don't have to. You need a certified public accountant (CPA) to represent you. You can give me power of attorney to represent you. The IRS is prevented from contacting you directly.  If you receive an IRS notice showing a difference in what was reported on your return compared to the amounts reported to the IRS it may show an increase in tax due.


I prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses. You may have a small business or rental property. You may have LLC, corporation, S corporations, professional association or other letters after the business name. Or if your taxes are more complex or if are you are tired of doing it yourself, I will help you. I will also review prior year returns not prepared by me to see if an amended return can be filed resulting in a refund.


I can help you determine which entity is right for your business. If you have one owner your default classification is a sole proprietor. Your income and deduction are reported on you personal return. If there are two or more owners the information is reported on a partnership return. Neither of these classifications provided limited liability to the owners. I can help you select the correct legal entity of your business.

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Great place to not only get help with personal taxes, but also assistance with your corporation docs (if you have one). If you're like me, doing taxes is dreadful! However, Fritz at Taxhelp definitely takes the weight off your shoulders. Probably my favorite perk that comes with this CPA, is they will review your last couple of filings to see if you can get a larger refund. I had no idea that your return can be amended within 3 years from the date it was submitted to the IRS! If you don't want to give away all of your money to Uncle Sam, and you're looking for a pro that you can trust with your financials, this accountant has my vote.

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I don’t pretend to have all the answers.  If I can't help you then I'll refer you to a colleague who can better assist you. I welcome your input regarding the tax law. I’ll review your information to make sure I agree with your interpretation of the tax law requirements. I won’t promise anything that I can’t deliver so I'll be up front with you.


The purpose of the consult is for me to gather information to see if I can help you and we decide if we will be a good fit. It is important for there to be trust in a business relationship. I don’t offer tax advice until we have established a relationship. I require a retainer and full payment upon completion of my services.

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