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Individual income tax returns that are filed late are subject to a late filing penalty of 5% per month for up to 5 months.  In addition there is a failure to pay penalty of 1% per month with an upper limitd of 25%. The compbined penalty is 39% on your income tax due. There is also interest and penalty on all of this and it compounded daily.  It is important to get your returns filed as soon as possible.  Filing a return will reduce your penalty and interest. it is a criminal offience to willfully not file your income tax returns.

Taxhelp LLC can you get caught up with the IRS by filing your past due income tax returns. Just by making the decision to call me you are starting the process. I am here to help not judge. We just need to have a plan. There are many reasons you might have missed filing a return.  It is usually due to some life change or because you did not received a new tax document that you did not understand how to report on your return.  If you miss a year it becomes more difficult to prepare subsequent years returns. 

You might have been going through a divorce, moved, not been able to find all of your tax documents,  experienced health issues or you might have experienced a death in your family. If you lost your tax documents, I can retrieve them from the IRS transcript delivery system. As your certified public accountant with power of attorney I will to obtain wage and income information as well as mortgage interest expense from the IRS transcript delivery system. There are ways to find other expenses that you don’t have documents for. Usually you don’t need to file but the last 6 years of past due returns.

I can help you file your back returns. Many times I can limit the back returns you need to file to 6 years or less. I can help you set up a payment plan. Many times penalties can be removed for a reasonable cause. Lost records can be found

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