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Income Tax Returns

Taxhelp LLC prepares income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, S corporations and regular corporations for all 50 states. If you don’t understand some tax documents you received or if you just plain don’t want to prepare your return I can do it for you. Many of my clients want the peace of mind that comes from having a CPA prepare there income tax returns. Also, when you buy a home your lender will usually want the last 2 years of income tax returns.  Returns prepared by a Certified Public Accountant are  seen as being more reliable than self-prepared returns.

When you become my customer I will review your last 2 or 3 returns to hunt for missing item that could have generated a larger refund.  Your return can be amended within 3 years from the date it was submitted to the IRS. If your returns were prepared by a franchise they probably missed some valuable deductions. Most likely return return was prepared by a part-time employee who works on a seasonal basis.  I'm open for business year-round and I take at least 40 hours of continuing education each year strictly related to income tax.  During my interview process I'll determine missing deductions to increase a refund. You may have used the standard deduction because you already see you're getting a refund. By itemizing you can deduct  property taxes, mortgage interest, charitable contributions and more.  This usually ends up being larger than the standard deduction and increases your refund.  If this is the case the IRS will allow you to amend returns going back up to 3 years. Contact me to see if you are entitled to a larger refund. 


There are a multitude of tax forms that you may be receiving and not understanding what to do with.  Taxpayers have come to me with envelopes not even opened.  Several times I've found refund checks in these envelopes.  Most workers receive W-2s from their employer and the income taxes are being withheld.  If you receive a Form 1099-MISC you are contract labor and no taxes are withheld.  You may have some business deduction that you that are not deductible if you were an employee. This can cause confusion as to how to report this income information on your tax return.  Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP) or a Restricted Stock Units (RSU) can create more confusion. The information does not show up on an IRS form but it is on a schedule provided by your employer and it is a necessary bit of information that you need to understand.  Sometimes your may receive stock and the value of the stock is reported on your W-2 and then again on broker statement Form 1099-B.  This is some of the information that can complicate your return.  There are also times when your investment advisor has sold some of your investments to purchase new stocks or mutual funds.  Although you did not receive any cash there is still tax information that needs to go on your return.

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